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  • Doctors & Specialists

  • Prescriptions

  • Labs, MRIs, & X-Rays

  • Hospitals & Surgeries

  • See prices for doctors and specialists to understand what you might pay.
  • Understand your options for in-network doctors and specialists in your area.
  • Learn about all your options based on your prescription. Going generic or ordering through the mail can help you save on prescription costs.
  • Compare prescription prices at pharmacies near you. The prices in CalPERS | Compare are personalized to you and based on where you are in your plan.
  • Review your past pharmacy and medical spending all in one place. You can also learn more about the medicines you already take or might have to take in the future.
  • See prices for lab tests, MRIs, and X-Rays.
  • Choose the lab you want. When your doctor orders a lab test, you can choose where to get it done.
  • In many cases, hospital-based labs cost more than national chains like Quest or LabCorp.
  • See prices for hospitals and surgeries to understand what you might pay.
  • Access quality information on hospitals and patient experience, to understand how your different options compare.
  • Get helpful educational content on surgeries.

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